Friday, 8 November 2013

Don't Bury Me, I'm Still Not Dead Yet!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am very sorry I haven’t posted anything in such a long time, and this little note is my mea culpa, and it’s also to reassure you that I have not gone away permanently, but that circumstances made it necessary for me to take a wee break from my blogging.

Unfortunately, the Punk Housewife is now single, which makes this blog’s title a bit of misnomer… but I like it, so I won’t change it! No need of a partner to be a housewife if you like to take care of your home and cook yummy food! However, as you can imagine, this recent change in my circumstances has made me rather busy with terribly mundane things like finding a new apartment, organizing my move and all the headaches that come with such an operation. This meant a lot less time for experimenting with new recipes and sharing them with you guys. I miss it terribly, but my head is so full of stuff like packing, address change notifications and IKEA trips that I just have no energy for the blog at the moment.

For the readers who are hungry for new recipes, I will be back in action as soon as possible, you have my word! I move at the beginning of December: give me time to unpack and get over a bit of the Holiday madness, and you’ll find lots of delicious comfort food recipes popping up! The site will also undergo a little revamping before the spring, so stay tuned for a new look, new pictures and mouthwatering new recipes!

I am really blessed with a bunch of truly wonderful, supportive, helpful and sweet friends, and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for the drinks, hugs, rides, hot meals and millions of other little ways in which they have shown their support in this rough patch I am going through: Véro, Maude, JD, Steeve, Alex, Paul, Mike, Amanda, Samuel, Patrick, André, Sophie, Gil, Phil and all the ones I am forgetting at the moment. You guys are sweethearts, and I wouldn’t have made it without you.  I’ll bake you all a big pile of gratitude cupcakes as soon as my new kitchen is set up!

I also want to thank my readers for their patience and loyalty. I write this blog because I love to cook and I love to share the recipes with you all: I believe in home cooking as a fun, economic and relaxing way to spend one's time, and I will never stop making a mess in my kitchen, but it always makes me so happy to get your feedback and hear about the recipes you found on my blog and enjoyed in your own kitchens. I’ll keep it up, so keep on reading and cooking!

Lots of love, and see you soon!